Exceptional Occasional Childcare

Nestled in beautiful Canterbury Gardens Playstation Inc. provides high quality occasional care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

Our Program
Playstation offers an integrated 0-5 age program with a maximum of 27 children attending per day. Two separate sessions are available based on age groups; children aged 0-2 years attend the nursery session from 9am until 12pm and children aged 2 years and over attend the pre-school session from 9am until 2pm. Each session has its own supervising educator and age-appropriate toys are provided. Separate outdoor areas are also used for the two age groups. There is also a higher educator to child ratio for children under three years of age (1:4).

Our programs, which are carefully designed to promote independence and creativity and build self-esteem and confidence, are planned and implemented by trained and experienced staff.

What is occasional care?
Occasional childcare is flexible childcare which allows parents to meet work-related and non-work related commitments. Parents in the Canterbury and surrounding communities are able to enrol their children into permanent weekly sessions with the option of adding additional sessions on a casual basis, subject to availability. Playstation Canterbury is a cost-effective solution for parents who are working from home, looking for additional childcare hours in between kinder days, or simply needing a break during the week.

“We are so lucky that our daughters’ first introduction to the world of being cared for by others, was with the wonderful staff at Playstation. Both our girls attended the centre for close to three years each and they were always eager to get there each week to play with their new friends and see Annie and all the gorgeous ladies who work there. I would recommend Playstation to anyone without hesitation.” ~ Sally

“It really is Canterbury’s best kept secret. My two children love attending and can’t wait to play with their friends and take part in the activities. The staff are incredibly warm and friendly and I feel as confident in the staff as I do leaving my children with family.” ~ George