Playstation provides children with a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which they can participate in a range of experiences allowing them to explore their world and grow in all areas of their development. We aim to develop skills and attitudes that will help children to learn and keep learning.

Our staff plan and implement programs based on individual and group interests and abilities. We will continually evaluate and modify the program where necessary, based on the needs of the children.

At Playstation children, parents and teachers recognise, respect and support each other with a common objective of achieving happy, secure and caring personal relationships. We believe that a quality service is best achieved through a team approach between staff, families, the Committee of Management and the Department of Human Services.

Children are treated in a trusting, sensitive and respectful manner, which indicates care and affection. Positive guidance of infants and toddlers lets the child know what behavior is acceptable. Acceptable behavior is encouraged so that undesirable behavior is not perceived as a way to be noticed. Staff responds gently but firmly to repeated undesirable actions without giving unnecessary attention.

Policies have been developed and implemented to maintain the health and safety of all who attend Playstation. A detailed copy of all policies is available from our staff for you to read.