Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policy

(Staff, Parents, Guardians & Volunteers)


Playstation provides an open, welcoming & safe environment. We believe that all parents & staff play a crucial & valuable role in the effective operation of the centre & enriching the children’s program. This code of conduct for parents & staff outlines the type of practice we require all adults entering & working at our centre to follow. It will assist in ensuring the safety & wellbeing of children, families & staff. 

1. Policy statement


This policy will provide guidelines to promote desirable & appropriate behaviour to ensure that all interaction with children & adults is respectful, honest, courteous, sensitive, tactful & considerate.


This centre is committed to:

  • The wellbeing of each child
  • The provision of a safe & secure environment
  • Encouraging parents, volunteers & community members to support our centre’s program
  • Providing open communication between staff and parents at all times.


This code of conduct applies to all adults, including parents, staff, extended family & those present on the premises.

2. Procedures

General guidelines for Interactions:

  • Safety: Comply with all policies & procedures of the centre. These are displayed at the centre. Be aware of emergency evacuation procedures,
  • Ethical Conduct: Always act in the best interests of the children, their families & users of the centre,
  • Support: Work in a co-operative & positive manner,
  • Communication: Use courteous & acceptable verbal & non-verbal language. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing, aggressive or otherwise offensive language,
  • Respect: Value the rights, religious beliefs & practices of individuals. Refrain from actions & behaviour that constitute harassment or discrimination,
  • Confidentiality: Comply with the centre’s privacy policy. Respect the confidential nature of information gained or behaviour observed, whilst participating in the program in relation to other children & adults,
  • Settling in program: Be guided by staff as to how long a parent should remain with their child,
  • Photography: Discretion & respect of parents wishes, is to be used at all times of your children regarding photos taken during sessions times whilst in the care of Playstation. In the event of external photographers, such as Jennie Wunderle or other contractor, who photographs the children annually as part of our service, the children will be assisted by a staff member to ensure their safety & wellbeing at all times.

The parents & staff are responsible for:

  • Abiding by the standards of conduct as set out in this policy, and
  • Reading the Code of Conduct Policy & signing the agreement letter.

Standards of Conduct (Behavioural practices for staff & parents at Playstation Inc.)

In relation to children

  • Be a positive role model at all times
  • Always speak in an encouraging & positive manner
  • Listen actively to children & offer empathy, support & guidance where needed
  • Regard all children equally & with respect & dignity
  • Physical contact with children other than your own should be avoided
  • All photographic material taken whilst child/ren are at the centre is solely the property of Playstation & not to be used outside the centre unless written consent is given by the parent
  • Photographs taken by external contract will be the ownership of the photographer & agreement upon use of such pictures will be between photographer & parent & will not become the property of Playstation unless written consent is given.

In relation to other adults

  • Use respect, encouraging & accepting language
  • Respect the rights of other individuals
  • Give encouraging & constructive feedback rather than negative criticism
  • Accept staff decisions & follow their directions at all times. Speak with the staff member if you have a problem complying with any directions
  • Be aware of routines & guidelines for children’s play within the centre, abide by them & seek advice when unsure
  • Be aware of emergency evacuation procedures
  • Discipline of the children is the responsibility of the staff
  • Avoid approaching staff to discuss a child during a session. Seek an alternative time when staff are free from their duties with the children
  • Refrain from public criticism of children & adults at the centre
  • Any issues or grievances should be raised as outlined in the complaints policy
  • Under no circumstances should a child, parent or member of staff be approached directly in a confrontational manner
  • Smoking is prohibited on the centre property at all times
  • All photographic material taken whilst child/ren are at the centre is solely the property of Playstation & not to be used outside the centre unless written consent is given by the parent/guardian. Photos are not to be used for personal use or shared between other parents within or extended outside the centre.

Procedures for dealing with a breach in the code of conduct

On notification of a potential breach of the code the committee will activate the complaints policy. The committee will commence a course of action, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • A first & final warning meeting or the issue of a letter to inform the relevant person of the outcome of the investigation & that another breach of the code of conduct will not be tolerated.
  • A restraining order (via the legal system) being sought against the relevant person. Success in obtaining a restraining order will prevent this person from attending the centre to deliver or collect children to participate in the program.
  • The withdrawal or suspension of a child’s place in the program due to the parent’s serious breach of the code of conduct. This will only be taken if no other alternative is deemed appropriate by the committee.
  • Possible police intervention, if deemed necessary, regarding misuse or breach of photographic material by unauthorized parties other than Playstation staff.

Emergency Situations

In an emergency situation, where it is believed that the staff, children or parents are at immediate risk, the committee/primary nominee & all nominees are authorised to contact the local police to advise them of the current situation.

3. Authorisation

This policy was adopted by the Playstation Inc. Committee at the committee meeting on Nov the 14th 2012.

4. Review Date

This policy shall be reviewed annually or earlier if required.

6. Evaluation

In order to assess whether the policy has achieved the values and purposes the committee will:

  • monitor compliance with the expectations & procedures set out in the policy
  • take into account feedback on the policy from staff, parents & committee members
  • assess whether a satisfactory resolution has been achieved in relation to issues arising from the policy.

 In General

  • The Centre & staff are responsible for the children that are enrolled & signed in, that is those children attending the children’s program
  • Parents & other persons attending the centre with all children not enrolled in the program are responsible for supervision of their children at all times
  •  Staff may ask parents to remove children not enrolled & signed into the program if they are disturbing the program
  • Parents will also be responsible for their children’s behaviour when attending other activities for example, working bees, family clean ups, family days etc.