Understanding the Child care benefit

Understanding the Child Care Benefit

The Australian Government offers a Child Care Benefit which users of Playstation may be eligible for. It’s intended to help with child care costs such as occasional day care in registered child care providers such as Playstation. This article explains some of the basic information to help you understand how to apply for this benefit. Please note that you need to assess your eligibility for yourself and this article is intended as a guide only.

Am I eligible?

The Child Care Benefit requires that your child be up to date on immunizations, you meet the residency requirements and that you are responsible for paying your child’s fees. There is no income or assets test for a Child Care Benefit from a registered carer. You may need to meet the study/training/work test. For registered child care, you only have to participate in work related commitments at some time during a week or have an exemption. No minimum number of hours is required.

What is the benefit amount?

As a guide for the 2013-14 year, the benefit rates are around 66 cents per hour or up to $33.30 per week.

How do I claim?

You will need your original Playstation receipts and to fill out the FA018 form from the Department of Human Services. You must lodge your claim within a year of the care being provided and paid for and, if successful, you will receive your payment in a lump sum.

For more information the following sites have some helpful information:

Form FA018 – Department of Human Services

Registered Childcare info from Mychild.gov.au

Child Care Benefit – detailed information

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