Bendigo Bank Partnership

Playstation has recently created new relations with the Bendigo Bank located  in Maling Road.

Recently Playstation was granted a cheque to contribute towards much needed blinds & new cabinetry.

We are extremely grateful to Bendigo Bank & thank them. We encourage all our Playstation families to become involved with this community bank, to benefit from the long list of services provided.

As well as personal benefit to yourself, our centre also receives incentives to all families who sign up.

Simply mention the Playstation name & contributions are then provided towards our centre.

They have a fabulous program whereby every child who opens a new account will receive a $5 contribution from Bendigo Bank. What better way to get your child’s savings started.

So hop along to our local branch in Maling Rd, Canterbury, get saving & mention the Playstation name for extra benefits.


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